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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Let me introduce myself, my name is Shelley Doan, and I am the founder of 20/20 Canine Consultants. I have a background in science, graduating from Brandon University, with a Bachelor of Science degree.  I have always loved animals, especially dogs, knocking on people's door, at the age of 10, asking if I could walk their dog and, amazingly, people let me. Fast forward several years, and I am now raising my own dogs, cats, and a various other animals with my husband Chris. But it was thanks to my last dog Max that I really began to understand canine behavior and learning on a deeper level.  Everyone has that one dog that is more challenging than others, and Max was that dog for us. Max has taught me to be more empathetic to those clients that struggle with a dog that has behavioral issues. Max is also the reason that I decided to do more home training - working with owners and dogs where the problems happen - in the home and in the street.

My dog training journey over the last 10 years has been to learn all I can about canine behaviors. I certified in Canine Behavior and Dog Training through CCPDT, becoming one of only three certified Canine Behaviour Consultants in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. I have taught dog classes from Puppy to Specialty classes, and my newest passion is doing Nosework training. I have had the good fortune to attend animal behavioral conferences both in North America and in the UK. This has allowed me to learn and improve my skills working with dogs, using current scientific research in animal behavior and learning. Some of my favorite teachers have been Chirag Patel, Suzanne Clouthier, Sue Sternberg, Dr. Susan Friedman, Dr. Julie Vargas and so many more.  


  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer

  • Certified Canine Behavior Consultant

  • Dr. Sophie Yin Perfect Puppy

  • Dr. Erica Ferenbaucher - Fundamentals of Animal Learning & Behavior

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